2. What are the steps to renew your driving license?


In order to make drivers more aware of Road Safety , the driving license was introduced in 1899.

Driving vehicles  is indeed a great responsibility in France , the European Union but also abroad.

Also, to obtain a license (car, heavy goods vehicle such as motorcycle) , the learner driver must prove his skills and qualities through code courses and practical driving lessons .

For this, he must take driving training in a driving school to pass a Highway Code exam but also by carrying out apractice with a driving test . If the success of the two exams is proven, his driving license is therefore validated and given in the form of a small points card. Thanks to this document validating his training , the young driver can drive safely , but above all, legally. It proves that he is able to manage his vehicle and drive it in all circumstances.

However, the French driving license is not valid in all countries.

Indeed, to drive abroad, the driver must be in possession of an international driving license .

It can be aEuropean driving license , or a foreign driving license .

Why renew a driver’s license?

No matter its category, the validity of a driving license is valid for all permits. Also, it is possible that you will have to redo your driving license card without delay .

Here are the different reasons for having a driver’s license redone:

In case of theft or loss of your driving license

Following a change of marital status

For a change of driving license in order to obtain an international license or a European driving license

When the validity of the driving license has expired

Indeed, since 2013, the driving license in the form of a card is valid for 15 years.

Except in the case of a heavy goods vehicle license or a medical assignment following a medical examination which may require a restriction, or even a suspension of the temporary driving licence.

In all these cases, you will therefore have to take steps to obtain a renewed driving license or an exchange of driving licence . If your driver’s license is no longer valid, or you cannot present it to law enforcement, you incur a fine or even a heavier penalty.

Administrations that simplify the process of renewing your license

The usual solutions for carrying out these driving license renewal procedures consist of going to the prefectural administrations or using their online services.

In some cases, renewing your driving license also requires contacting the public service of the Forces of Order.

If you cannot go to this Public Service administration, remember to give them your driving license file.by mail. You can also complete the procedures for a new license in your town hall, which will then forward your documents to the prefecture for your driver’s license exchange .

Use the electronic counter, the new method for redoing your driving license

If you have a computer and an internet connection, it is also possible to opt for the online driving license application procedure offered by the National Agency for Secure Documents ( ANTS ).

Driving license renewal procedures in more detail

In order to save you time for a license exchange or renewal, all driving license procedures can be done online. You will therefore no longer have to wait at the prefecture in order to be able to obtain a new France driving licence.

In the context of a stolen driving licence: as specified above, you will have to report the theft to the nearest gendarmerie or police station. A receipt proving the validity of the driving license will then be given to you. This legal document will allow you to drive for two months on the roads of France.

In the context of a damaged driving licence: if your driving license is very damaged, you will be able to request an exchange of driving licence . By providing the same documents and information as for the other procedures, you will have to add the copy of both sides of your deteriorated driving license so that your online driving license application is supported.

The European driving license

If you have a driving license from the European Union, you can therefore drive legally in France or in Europe . Indeed, no exchange of driving license is necessary to drive in France with a driving license from the European Union. However, the validity of the driving license must be current. In addition, you must respect the obligations following your medical examination, be at least 18 years old for a B driving license, and finally, not have committed any burglary that could lead to the cancellation or suspension of the driving license in the country . where it was obtained. On the other hand, if you change driving license categories, you will have to apply for a French driving license.

Your international driving license will then be sent to you by post as soon as possible. The international permit is issued for 3 years or for the period of validity of your French driving license if this is less than 3 years. The foreign driving license will allow you to drive the same categories of vehicles as those of your French driving license. On the other hand, in France, the foreign license has absolutely no value . Indeed, this type of driving license does not give you the right to drive on French roads. It does not in any way replace your French driving licence, which you must always have in your possession.

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