6. What to do after a car accident.?


you have just had a car accident. What should you do to make sure everything is going well?

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You must first check whether there are any injuries or not. If so, call 101 (or 112 in Europe) immediately . They will then inform the aid services and the police. In addition, the presence of the police is necessary as soon as there are injuries (persons suffering from physical damage).

If there is only limited property damage, the presence of the police is not essential and you can feel free to deal with this yourself. In such a case, it is essential to remain calm.

Collect the most real data

If your car is damaged, you should collect as much real data as possible that can show what your situation and position were at the time of the accident. This may be important for later if there are any possible complications or objections.

What does the actual data mean

Take clear photos of all the elements that were involved in the accident (the positions of the cars, the damage to the cars, the skid marks, the position of the sun, the condition of the road surface, the width of the road, road signs, distances from certain objects positioned in the immediate vicinity, etc. and this from several angles;

Make notes and traces on the asphalt (with chalk) to indicate positions, if cars need to be quickly removed;

Important : write down the details of cookies before they leave. Their statements may later be of a decisive nature;

Complete the accident form

Once the worst emotions are behind your back and all the real data is collected, you still have the accident report (also called accident form) to complete. Detail as much as possible, but while making as objective a description of the car accident as possible.

Please note that

a well-completed accident report speeds up the settlement of claims

an incorrect or incomplete accident declaration often gives rise to many problems and to the “not responsible driver”, the cost of his rights.

What you should have in your car

If you go on the road with your car, there is a chance that you are involved in a traffic accident. To anticipate such an unpredictable event, you have certain items in your car such as:

A ‘first aid’ kit

A camera (or mobile phone with photo function)

Other useful information about a traffic accident

Following the information above, we still give you the following useful information:

Who refuses to pay compensation for damages. In this case, you have one month’s time to cancel your auto insurance

How traffic accident damage control and compensation works;

The RDR settlement in Belgium allows a quick and easy processing of complaints;

You are involved in a car accident in which your car caused a lot of damage. Where can you go to get your car repaired. In which garage can I choose my car insurance;

Calculate car insurance

You were at fault in an accident, or on the contrary, not at fault and you are looking for (new) car insurance? First calculate the price (taking into account your damage certificate and any promotions) of your car insurance with 75% of car insurers in Belgium.

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