Clean your car: the guide to cleaning your vehicle like a professional


Regular maintenance of a professional vehicle is essential, whether for image, aesthetic or health reasons. Discover our simple tips to keep their interior and exterior clean and hygienic. You will know everything to clean your car : the techniques to use, the best car products according to the surface to be cleaned.

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Summary :

Vehicle interior cleaning and washing

Vehicle exterior wash

Vehicles are exposed to all kinds of deposits (dust, mud, dead insects, pollen, pollution, etc.). By cleaning them regularly, you protect the materials that make them up against wear and you guarantee safer driving.

If the frequency of washing depends on the use of your vehicle and your geographical location, the areas to be cleaned are always the same. Several choices are available to you and it is not always easy to find your way around. In any case, we advise you to buy a car cleaning product suitable for professionals.

This week we offer you an overview for efficient exterior washing and a healthy and pleasant interior.

Washing the inside of your car: tips and professional products

It is important to maintain the interior of a vehicle regularly and to use products suitable for each type of surface (plastic, glass, leather, fabric, etc.).

#1 Clean your car’s floor mats

Shake them and brush them carefully. For plastic parts you can apply a plastic renovator cleaner .

Food brushes

For the dust

Car carpet stain remover spray

For stubborn stains on textiles

Powerful Multi-Surface Cleansing Foam

For metals, plastics, fabrics, rims, windshields, doors

#2 Vacuum the seats, dashboard, and floor

Continue throughout the passenger compartment using appropriate nozzles to eliminate any small waste; seats, floor carpets, dashboard, steering wheel, door handles, ventilation grilles, storage compartments. On Delcourt you will find a range of  carpet products for deep cleaning.

The Delcourt tip

Baking soda is suitable for cleaning textiles. It also allows you to get rid of bad smells.

We even advise you to use a  washing powder with baking soda for best results.

Car vacuum cleaner nozzle

Vacuum nozzle suitable for seats

Car vacuum cleaner brush

To access every nook and cranny

car vacuum cleaner

1 powerful and compact vacuum cleaner with very good suction.

#3 Use a professional injector extractor vacuum cleaner

To thoroughly shampoo textile parts and remove stubborn stains. You will also get dry surfaces faster.

If the seat upholstery is leather, apply leather care products to clean them without damaging them. This cleaning is also called a professional shampooer .


Focus on the GS 2/62 62 L stainless steel tank injector extractor vacuum cleaner for professionals

Vacuum injector extractor stainless steel tank 62 L GS 2/62 I


Powerful and quiet

Intensive use

Textile surfaces and carpets

#4 Dust the plastics with a microfiber cloth

Use a special car microfiber cloth (for example: Delcourt microfiber woven cloths 40×40 cm – pack of 5 ), a clean, damp sponge or a dusting duster.

Clean them using suitable products so as not to risk attacking or damaging the materials. There are also handy all-in-one cleaners that degrease, remove stains, nourish, protect and shine plastic at the same time.

The Delcourt tip

To reach the dust accumulated in the ventilation grilles and all the corners where the dust can settle (around the gear lever, the handbrake, on the command and control buttons, etc.), use cotton swab, soft toothbrush or soft-bristled paintbrush.

You can also use equally effective natural products (soapy water, hot water and black soap, white vinegar), and finish with olive oil, linseed oil or plastic wax to restore shine to your surfaces.

car plastic restorer

Active pvc degreasing foam.

car covid product

Cleans, degreases, descales, disinfects and deodorizes in a single step (active against Coronavirus)

Chiffon microfibre

Can be used wet or dry – does not require detergents

#5 Wash the windows

The cleanliness of the windows should not be neglected because it represents a key element for the visibility and safety of the driver. You will keep them clean by cleaning them regularly with a classic window product for a streak-free result or a car window cleaner (spray, aerosol, wipes) with additional properties such as anti-fog, anti-rain or water-repellent effects.

#6 The steam cleaner: the most effective solution for vehicle interiors

For complete disinfection of the passenger compartment and treatment of bad odors, the professional steam cleaner remains the most effective solution, while being ecological and economical. This technique, which uses dry steam, makes it possible to reach the most inaccessible areas and is also suitable for exterior washing.

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