How to clean your car with microfibers?


Cleaning your car with microfiber cloths  is ideal both for making the interior shine and for cleaning the exterior, without damaging the paint. Microfiber can be used to wash the interior of your vehicle, your windows and windshield, as well as your leather or plastic.

But what is it, exactly? A microfiber is an extremely fine synthetic fiber, about a hundredth in diameter of a hair, twice as fine as silk. This technology is obtained by mixing polyester and polyamide.

Depending on the mixture made from these two materials, different types of microfibers are obtained, each having a very specific use. For example :

The universal microfiber, ideal for the interior of the vehicle: plastics, windows, carpets, doors. However, be careful not to use it to clean your bodywork, as this could generate micro-scratches.

The thicker polishing microfiber. It allows in particular to remove the residues of polishing (technique of polishing the bodywork). It can be used on bodywork without fear of micro-scratches.

The drying microfiber, which has a larger surface area and a waffle texture. Its absorbent power makes it the ideal microfiber to dry your vehicle after washing with water.

In addition, microfiber cloths are environmentally friendly and economical because they are reusable for life if taken care of.

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How to use microfiber cloths for your car?

It is very easy to  clean your car with microfiber cloths . To do this, follow these tips:

Focus on small areas

always wipe in the same direction

Avoid making circles, you risk redepositing the dirt on the wiped areas.

If your microfiber cloth falls on the ground, take another one, otherwise you risk dirtying your vehicle with the dirt collected.

How to wash your microfiber?

Before cleaning your car with microfiber cloths, it is best to wash them! For that nothing could be simpler, they go to the washing machine!

You can use your regular liquid detergent. On the other hand, do not use fabric softener, because your microfibers would lose their static charge. For the first cleaning, prefer a wash at 30° then, when your microfibers are dirty, wash them hot, between 30 and 60°. Hot water helps remove dirt. Do not mix them with your laundry and avoid the dryer. Ironing is also prohibited: it could damage the microfibers.

If you use several microfiber cloths, for different purposes, one microfiber for the interior of the vehicle, another for the exterior and finally a third for the windows, they must be washed separately. This prevents them from contaminating each other. If this is not possible, remember to pre-wash each of them in a basin of hot water.

Wash’s practical tip

Store a few microfiber cloths in your car, this can be very useful in case of pressing washing needs, for example to clean guano on the bodywork, fog on the windows or shoe marks on your seats!

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