What are the benefits of microfiber cloths for cleaning your car?


Among the  benefits of microfiber cloths is their effectiveness in cleaning vehicle bodywork. Their long soft fibers allow deep penetration to dislodge dirt, without leaving a trace. Indeed, even by exerting pressure on the bodywork during cleaning a little further, there is no risk of scratching.

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Designed to clean and wipe quickly without leaving a streak, microfibers are ideal for  cleaning  your vehicle’s windshield and windows. Unlike a classic cloth, a microfiber cloth has a waffle texture that allows it to absorb dirt and degrease surfaces. The fabric thus ensures quality washing and incomparable drying. Free from streaks, your windscreen and windows offer you driving comfort that allows you to drive in complete safety.

The microfiber cloth ,  ideal for drying

Microfiber cloths offer excellent drying results. The microfibers make it possible to clean without leaving traces of water. Indeed, their thickness gives them a great absorption capacity. Another advantage: their softness. The microfibers are soft, and the hidden or non-existent seams reduce the risk of scratches on dry bodywork. Ideally, it’s best to use your microfiber cloth to dry really wet surfaces.

Clean the interior of your car with a microfiber cloth

Among the other advantages of the microfiber cloth, we can note its ability to catch dust. It is for this reason that its use is particularly suitable for cleaning the interior of a vehicle. The microfibers make it possible to dust the smallest corners of the passenger compartment of your car. Some cloths have a chenille texture that allows them to capture dust even more effectively.

Another advantage of this accessory: you can put it under water or impregnate it with product if you want to apply it to certain parts of your dashboard, to  plastics  or leather. To clean your dashboard, wet then wring out your microfiber cloth before use. For leather care , apply damp to stains, then add a special leather product to a dry cloth.

The microfiber cloth can also be used without any product, to remove dust and restore shine to the interior of your vehicle.

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The main advantage of the microfiber cloth is undoubtedly its versatility. Ideal for washing and drying bodywork, windshields and windows, it is just as effective for cleaning the interior of your car.

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At Wash, our car washes are equipped with  soft brushes  in foam or microfiber fabric to take care of your vehicle’s paintwork, wash after wash. This allows fine dirt particles to be removed without leaving traces, while preserving your bodywork.

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